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New-World Marketing Advice from Real Practitioners

Wait, Justin and Greg Aren’t Idiots?

Many people know us from Justin & Greg – our online personas – because that’s ultimately what we love to do: entertain people online.

While those guys can be a bit…exuberant, the real Justin and Greg behind them actually spent years working the marketing/advertising/tech world before launching our online personalities. We’ve now had millions and millions of views on our content, but we still LOVE to share what we’re seeing and learning by hacking attention and growing our platforms online.

We’ve worked in agencies, the private sector, and with government clients. Social media is so different now than it was 3 years ago. And we can’t tell you how many people we see absolutely wasting their time.

Let’s get practical about how you can adapt to the new world.

What We Do

Let us share what we're learning.

Keynote Speaking

We're entertainers at heart who happened to grow up in the professional marketing world. That means we have FUN sharing real, practical advice for the new world from the stage.

Business Social Sessions

People have so many opinions on how social media works, without having ever really used it. We're in it day-in and day-out, trying to keep up in an insane world. Let us share what we're learning.


If you're looking to go in-depth with your specific strategies and teams on your organization's social, let us do an audit and give some wildly practical advice for how you can grow and be more effective.

Our Work

Here's a few of our favourite examples.

This is Us

We like to think we're pretty awesome people.

I’ve spent the last decade leading teams in technology & marketing for both agency and private sector companies. While I’d say what makes me unique is that I blend creative, technical, and people skills together, my real superpower is empathy. I’m really good at putting myself in other people’s shoes and figuring out how to deliver value for them. I’m a storyteller at heart and believe you have to earn the right to speak to customers.

I’m not just a student – I’m a practitioner. Meaning, I spend a lot of time actually living, eating, breathing, and working in the spaces I’m talking about. Whether it’s my VLOG, video, photo, building websites, writing content, or deep diving in the data, I’m always pushing myself to learn new skills to stay relevant.

Justin Reves
Chief Practitioner

This is the section I tell you all about how amazing I am. How I explain that my entire conscious life has been committed to finding themes and trends in the tech, marketing, and business world and finding ways to take advantage of that. Or how I’ve consulted executives at every level on their marketing; from local non-profits to multi-billion dollar international firms. But I won’t.

What I will tell you about myself is that I care deeply about building trust with those around me; whether that’s a coworker, a client, or a long time friend. And the best way to build trust, is to provide value, and that’s what I’m committed to doing.

My name is Greg, and I’m confident that the best is yet to come.

Greg Moore
Chief Tactician

What We're Learning

There's no such thing as ``experts`` in this new world. It changes too fast for that. But there are people living, breathing, and constantly learning in it.

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