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“They’re NEVER Getting a Vehicle Again” – Why Corporations Need To Adapt When Working With Influencers

I'm Greg, from the duo Justin and Greg. We make content here in Saskatchewan on a daily basis. Yes, as everyone seems to ask us when we meet, this IS what we do for a living. Now, as ‘luck’ would have it, there are times as content creators when you get to work with the big shiny national/international brands. Imagine if you’re building a business by taking Instagram photos of yourself in fun outfits (this is not what we do with Justin and Greg!), and a supplement company reaches out and says they want to partner with you. You would lose your mind because what this usually means is you're about to get PAID by the big leagues! It’s a dream come true, and it happens on the daily all over the world in this new digital universe we all live in. (Notice the #Ad in this post? This is becoming a lot more common place now, as people begin to want to know when someone is being paid to promote something.) Well guess what! Just a few weeks ago, one of the national automobile dealers found out about what we’re doing with Justin and Greg and wanted to work with us! This was our moment to showcase what we could do for a big brand. We were excited. We were ready! This was going to be amazing. Narrator: It wasn't. A Crash Course on Influencer Marketing Let’s take a moment and talk about Influencer Marketing for those who need to be brought up to speed. Influencer marketing is the marketing and advertising buzzword of 2017 & 2018 as dubbed by me. There isn't a problem that influencer marketing can’t solve: Want to target high-school kids with your service. Ask an influencer. Trying to make your product seem hip and cool? Ask an influencer. Need someone to open a stuck jar for you or butter your bread? Ask an influencer! When speaking plainly, “influencer marketing” is when a brand/company/organization teams up with someone who has a large audience of their own, and get them, whether through payment, experience or through product, to feature something they want to promote. Decades ago, the only people with audiences outside of traditional mediums were celebrities. Now through the internet and social it can literally be anyone, which is great if you’re trying to target a specific demographic that can be hard to get traction in – *cough like Saskatchewan. It used to be a lot less obvious than...