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2 Videos. 10 MILLION Views. 0 Dollars Paid. 3 Keys to Video for Social.

People say really silly things like, “Facebook is pay to play.” or “Organic reach is dead.” Meaning, if you want your followers on social to see your posts, you have to money behind them because, otherwise, Facebook won’t show the posts to anyone. Even now, on July 10, 2018, nothing could be further from the truth. Case in point: on June 22nd, our Facebook Page had 6,760 followers. We posted two videos that day on our Page. One of the videos reached 190,337 people. The other one reached 20,222,068 people. Advertising dollars spent? Zero. It was ALL organic reach. Now. Do all of our posts do this? Absolutely not. But have we had lots of posts do 10, 20, 50, or 100 times our following in organic reach? Yeah. Because we’re starting to learn some secrets on how to “beat the algorithm”. The good and bad news: it’s not rocket science. Here’s what we’re learning: 1. If it looks, smells, feels, sounds, or even gives the smallest waft of being an ad, it’s not going to fly. Ok, you can probably find 10 examples in the world that would make this statement un-true, but forget every one of them. Because the money, time, and resources you will spend trying to make your ad go viral will never return on that investment. Rather, focus on this simple truth: It’s Not. About. You. Your video needs to be about your audience and not about you. In 2018, people do not have to watch ads — most are lazy so they suffer through some, but the universal truth remains: Nobody wants to be advertised to. Just ask everyone what their favourite button on all of the internet is: SKIP AD. “So why would I create a video that isn’t about me and my business?” Because people want to do business with good people. And when you make videos that are genuinely entertaining, funny, helpful, and gives more to the person watching it than what is perceived to be taken by the business putting out the video, you create an intensely valuable resource: leverage. People start thinking, “Wait, this business isn’t asking anything in return in this video”, they actually start believing that you might live up to all those nice things in your Mission, Vision, and Value Statements. I.e. you’re more interested in long-term relationships than short-term transactions. Newsflash: relationship-based content flies REAL well on SOCIAL media. And if you need to advertise, social is a great platform for that, too — just don’t approach it like content. Treat it like...

Is Facebook Organic reach down? Not yet. It’s just being reported more accurately.

We're AMAZED how many people say Facebook is "pay to play". It's absolutely not. Now, if you're trying to sell either yourself or your services to people, then yes, it is. Because that's an ad - even if you're trying to hide it in a post with a great photo or clever copywriting. And people don't want to be advertised to on social. But when you invest the time and resources to consistently create content that puts your followers first, and you deliver it in a way that's entertaining, engaging and adds VALUE to their lives - without them having to buy your products or services - your organic reach (how many people see your posts without you paying) will be just fine. (that run-on sentence on the other hand...

If you don’t like Twitter, it’s because you’re doing it wrong

I almost gave up on Twitter a month ago. Almost. I’m so glad I didn’t. Back before images were a thing on Twitter, it was, far and away, my favourite social media platform. How awesome is it that people have to be limited to saying something meaningful in 140 characters. I remember back in the day spending 10-15 minutes crafting tweets that would fit. There was a lot more creativity back then. Of course, marketers got ahold of the platform and started flooding it full of links to sites and then the onslaught of imagery and video followed shortly after. Then the creativity seemed to die. And that’s when I started checking out of Twitter. It just felt way, way too noisy and impossible to get your message out. If that’s you, too, you’ve got Twitter all wrong. The value – especially for business – isn’t about getting a message out. It’s the opportunity to listen to people and have a meaningful interaction. Somewhere along the way, I completely forgot this and got wrapped up in what I wanted to say. But over the last month, I’ve done two key things to restore my faith in Twitter. I unfollowed the really noisy accounts that don’t provide value. I spend 10-15 minutes a day simply looking for tweets from people that I can interact with. By actually putting in a little bit of energy to listen and engage people, it’s amazing how quickly you start making new “friends” here. I recently met someone whose way better at this than me – Tenille Lafontaine AKA @feistyfrugal. We have a mutual friend in @LiseMerle but we had never had an interaction. But she’s always putting out good stuff and I started engaging her on it. What’s incredible is that she has 10’s of 1,000’s of followers and yet she’s always engaging me back. More than that, when I’m putting out tweets, she’s somehow finding my tweets. I’ll tell you. I’m now engaged in what she’s doing and always look for her tweets. And that is how you enjoy and engage people on twitter. Put out great content. Listen. Engage. I think everyone knows this, but few people are actually taking the time to do this. They’re only thinking, “What’s in it for me?”. The sooner you realize life isn’t about you, the happier and more successful you’ll be....