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2 Videos. 10 MILLION Views. 0 Dollars Paid. 3 Keys to Video for Social.

People say really silly things like, “Facebook is pay to play.” or “Organic reach is dead.” Meaning, if you want your followers on social to see your posts, you have to money behind them because, otherwise, Facebook won’t show the posts to anyone. Even now, on July 10, 2018, nothing could be further from the truth. Case in point: on June 22nd, our Facebook Page had 6,760 followers. We posted two videos that day on our Page. One of the videos reached 190,337 people. The other one reached 20,222,068 people. Advertising dollars spent? Zero. It was ALL organic reach. Now. Do all of our posts do this? Absolutely not. But have we had lots of posts do 10, 20, 50, or 100 times our following in organic reach? Yeah. Because we’re starting to learn some secrets on how to “beat the algorithm”. The good and bad news: it’s not rocket science. Here’s what we’re learning: 1. If it looks, smells, feels, sounds, or even gives the smallest waft of being an ad, it’s not going to fly. Ok, you can probably find 10 examples in the world that would make this statement un-true, but forget every one of them. Because the money, time, and resources you will spend trying to make your ad go viral will never return on that investment. Rather, focus on this simple truth: It’s Not. About. You. Your video needs to be about your audience and not about you. In 2018, people do not have to watch ads — most are lazy so they suffer through some, but the universal truth remains: Nobody wants to be advertised to. Just ask everyone what their favourite button on all of the internet is: SKIP AD. “So why would I create a video that isn’t about me and my business?” Because people want to do business with good people. And when you make videos that are genuinely entertaining, funny, helpful, and gives more to the person watching it than what is perceived to be taken by the business putting out the video, you create an intensely valuable resource: leverage. People start thinking, “Wait, this business isn’t asking anything in return in this video”, they actually start believing that you might live up to all those nice things in your Mission, Vision, and Value Statements. I.e. you’re more interested in long-term relationships than short-term transactions. Newsflash: relationship-based content flies REAL well on SOCIAL media. And if you need to advertise, social is a great platform for that, too — just don’t approach it like content. Treat it like...


Vlogging is Reality TV 2.0

If you don’t really “get” vlogs, you’re not alone. But you’re also probably not 8-22 years old. I bet 8 out of 10 people in that demographic follow at least one vlogger on YouTube. My personal addiction is Casey Neistat – a filmmaker from New York. This is him: He’s now put out a 6-10 minute video blog every single day for over year. And in that time, he took his YouTube subscribers from 500,000 to over 2.5 MILLION. He’s got quality content and he’s a character so it works really well. I’ve watched the last 60 or so almost every day – and the ones I miss I just catch up on the next day or two. Vlogs are like reality TV in that you get these inside looks into people’s lives. But what’s way better is the access you get unlike any other reality TV show. Whereas on Big Brother, Teen Mom, or Duck Dynasty, you simply watch these guys on TV, your only chance to interact with them is maybe seeing them at a big fan show somewhere. With good vloggers, they’ve almost always got a ton of interaction points for the people following them to connect – whether that be Q&A, opening stuff that gets sent to them, or actually meeting people in the streets everywhere they go. This ads a whole other layer of connection that regular reality TV can’t touch. The other thing vlogging adds is a real-time element because typically they come out within 24 hours every single day. It means that all the things happening in the world are happening to them at the same time. This makes it way more addictive and easy to engage with. What does this mean for marketers? If you’ve got an interest in the 12-29 demographic, you should be aware of key players like Roman Atwood, Fun For Louis, the aforementioned Casey Neistat and others because there’s a ton of valuable insight into what connects with this hard-to-reach audience. If you’re looking for ways to get a message to this audience, influencer marketing through these vloggers can be huge. If you’re looking to have direct contact with this audience, you may want to start experimenting with these styles of videos to help build a following. I recently started vlogging – I’m up to 20 of them as I write this while working on the 21st. I’ve even done them daily for the past 10 days. It’s a tremendous amount of work. I carry my camera with me everywhere. I...