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How to be a decent human being on Snapchat

Snapchat is definitely my favourite social network right now. I love it because it's real, authentic stories are way better than the highly-emotional ones (that's a generous term for them) from Facebook or the "perfect" ones on Instagram. You simply don't see people spending 20-30 minutes perfecting their photo or video on Snapchat. And that's why it's awesome. Snapchat is the fast and furious of the social media networks, but in the midst of the chaos, people are telling some fantastic, funny stories. And you are gaining an inside-perspective of people's real lives that doesn't happen elsewhere. So if you're ready to jump into Snapchat or you've just started dabbling, I'm going to talk about how to grow your influence. How to grow your influence on Snapchat I've had a bunch of people asking for themselves or their clients how to engage and grow their following on Snapchat. These tips are for people that want to connect with an audience and grow their influence. While these tips aren't specific for a "business" persona, many of them do apply. 1. Be a user first - AKA learn how to use Snapchat properly It seems like a basic principle, but so many people are trying to leverage social media without understanding the network first. You always make bad decisions when you forget that you need to give more than you take on social. People see right through that. Until you understand what a user values on a social media platform, you will never create content that people love. So you need to first start using Snapchat as a user. Get to know the ins and outs and watch what other people are doing. If you don't know how to use Snapchat, here's a 10-minute tutorial I created to get you started - because, honestly, it's the most-confusing social media platform I've ever seen to get started on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3jP393HwNs 2. Follow, follow-back After you join, you're going to start to see people following you because you're in their address book (you should also add everyone in your address book to get going - you'll be amazed how many people are already on Snapchat). Follow everyone back that follows you. You don't have to do this for forever, but when you're starting out, you need to see what other people are doing on Snapchat to understand the platform and give you space to interact with them. People appreciate being followed and when you follow them, you get access to watch their public stories. This is invaluable real-world data on how people...

How Much is Enough?

We think lots about how much we make at work. But do you ever stop to think how much your work costs you?

I seem to be having more conversations with people these days where they say something like, “I hate my job, but the money is just too good”.

So they continue on being miserable and stressed for 40-60 hours a week, and all they ever seem to end up with is a slightly bigger house, a slightly nicer vacation each year, and a slightly nicer car.

Yet they’re still miserable. Because they hate what they do, they’re stressed about, and it consumes their mind.

So to get away from it, they go home to their slightly nicer house and binge watch House of Cards on their slightly larger TV.

Only to wake up and do the same thing again the next day.

The problem is that we’ve defined success based on money/things and not on what’s really valuable – quality time for the things we love.

Reframe the question.

How much time do I need for the people I love or the things I really want to do with my life?